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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Have you heard of sexylipo? where I work they have sexylipo. What it is, is ultrasonic lipo. How it works is like getting a ultrasound. They turn the ultrasound waves up higher and they vibrate so fast that the fats cells can't take it so the pop. They turn to liquid and your body gets rid of them just like food. There is no down time, bruising, pain. It sound almost to good to be true. It is all natural and it works. The office where I work does it and there was one lady that has lost 26 inches!!! oh and once the cells are popped they are popped. You are born with a certain number of fat cells and you will die with that same number. You can't gain fat cells. Yes you can gain it back in other fat cells unless you change your habits. My friend to is really active and in great shape had one area that no matter what she did she couldn't get rid of the fat on her inner thigh. She did this and now its gone. I am telling this because I did it to my stump today. To get a good fit of the leg it is important that the shape is the same on the leg so if it is like an ice cream cone shape that is bad. The best shape is a cylinder shape. With sexylipo and changing my life style I am going to work on getting a better shape of a stump then a better leg. We did the first time today. I will post pictures and results. Usually there is a two-five inches loss of pure fat in one session.  
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