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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The dog's favorite toy.

It is true that artificial legs are a dogs chew toy. It has never happened to me luckily. One time at Shriners Hospital we were there with a mom and her son and over the weekend the dog got a hold of his leg and chewed it up. The most expensive chew toy ever! That would be so awful on so many levels to walk in and see the dog with the leg all in pieces.You could get some good jokes about this. "Why did you miss school?" "The dog ate my leg!" or When the kid got older and people ask what happen to his leg he could say that it was a dog attack. hehe You could get some good stories and reactions from people. When I was on a LDS mission in Los Angeles California, I would tell someone a the wrong story about what happened to my leg they always new someone that it happened to. I felt bad so I stopped telling the wrong story/a lie. Now sometimes I will pull a good story out and see what happens. One friend gave me the idea to say "Well you know what happens when you get your finger slammed in a car door..." HAHAHA oh man ouch! Now the story about our dog and her favorite toy. Lexi (the dog) loves reflections and flash lights she chases them for ever and she always wants to play "reflection." While I was unpacking yesterday she was right under my feet. And then I realized that I was wearing shorts and my leg was making reflections every were! Plus I was walking around so they were moving. HAHAHA oh man it was really funny. Unpacking and playing reflection with the dog, all in a days work. ;)

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