Leg Up For Life

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I have some cousins that are such good exmaples to me I might have told you about them before. I wanted to share what they are doing. My mom got a phone call from my cousin who is nine (Hollie) and she said that she was going to sell some of her toys for my leg and maybe some shoes and clothes and get Hailee (our other cousin who is eight) to help. When my mom told her how much we need she said "don't worry, don't worry I will help!" This put tears in my eyes and reminded me to be more childlike and Christlike.
Then about two weeks later we found out from Hailee's mom that Hollie and Hailee set up a museum in Hollie's room and they charge .50 cents to get in and they are giving they money to me for my leg. They are so great! They put tears in my eyes again and reminded me to be more willing and Christlike. 

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  1. Hello my name is Tyler Hyatt, I'm the amputee that's on the YouTube video that ksl used on your news story and I work for Freedom Innovations. I would. Like to help you get a new prosthesis and the plié knee. Please contact me directly by phone or email.


    Tyler Hyatt