Leg Up For Life

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hole in One!

I thought I would share a story. Sorry it is not a golf story. It is a "hole in of my legs story"  When I was little my leg had a hole in the front and back because my leg was bent at the little knee I had. My little brother Justen stuck his foot in the leg and got it stuck! Yep his foot stuck in his sisters leg!! When he couldn't get it out he called for mom and when mom couldn't get it out she was thinking what in the world will she say if she needs to call 911. "um hello.. my son's foot is stuck in my daughters leg..." HAHAHA what you would think if you were taking that call?  Luckily Justen's foot came out. Imagine that story for Dad when he got home that night. haha oh man! I bet dad's hear lots of great story's when they get home.
Below is a facebook post from my friend Kathy. She is helping do a yard sale at Veo Clinic. 

Do you have talent? Are you in a band? Do you play an instrument? Can you juggle? We are hosting a multi family yard sale on April 28th at VEO Clinic to raise money for Kristie Christensen. Kristie is amazing! We are looking for people that would like to perform during this mega event. 25% of all money earned will go to Kristies fund! Come a join us for an awesome day! If you are interested in being a part of this amazing day, email me, kathy@veonatural.com

Monday, March 26, 2012

We did the kick off! It went really well. Thank you so much for your support.  We have more bands to sell so let me know how many you want to sell and we will get them to you. legupforlife.blogspot.com

Holy Cow!

There are a lot of things I could write right now. Over the weekend we went to a open house at Veo Clinc in Ogden. Where I work; and had a little booth and spread the word about getting a new leg and sold some wrist bands. They sold hot dogs and then donated that money to me. I am so greatful to know that there is a God and he loves His children because as soon as I decided that I needed a new leg and my mom and I thought about doing fundraisers the windows of Heaven have been opened and person after person have been brought into my life with ideas and resources etc. I stand at awe watching the hand of God at work with this, it makes me think and feel that many lives will be blessed and legs will be made. One quick story of people being brought into my life is, I was at my friend Cherokee's house and my other friend Lindsey called me and asked about what she could do to help with the yard sale that we are going to have in June. We talked for a minute and then when I was off the phone Cherokee turned and asked what was going on. I gave her the spill about getting a new leg and she said that Bishop (the leader of our young single adult congregation) was looking for a service something to do. Then the idea spread like wild fire and tonight we are doing a kick off to sell the wrist bands. The Goal is to sell 4,000 bands at five dollars each. I am so excited and I do a happy dance a least once a night before I jump into bed.
Oh, one other thing is there is a guy in one of my classes that also has a fake leg. He and I skied together about 5 years ago. He is an amputee below his knee and he needs a new leg also. Paths crossed again and he will be getting a new one too. I can't keep this blessing to myself. "I can not see another lack and I not share"- Hymn "Because I Have Been Given Much I Too Must Give"
Ok the pay pal link is not working so I will see where I messed up and fix it. Sorry for the delay.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ok I opened a Paypal account. Lets hope it works! give it a few days because they to check that the bank account will is a real account.
 Here are the bands! They say  Determined Fearless and Courageous. I think they are nice reminders of words to live by. To many people are stopped by fear and lose the feeling of being determined.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am Kristie and this is my story. 
When I was born I didn't have two full functioning legs. My right leg was shorter than my left and my knee and the foot didn't develop all the way. My parents had to choose to have my leg amputated or have multiple surgeries in an attempt to fix my leg. They chose have my leg amputated. The first amputation was only my foot when I was 16 months old. This meant I still had the rest of my leg. Since then I have been able to do many different activities growing up (Marching band, school, biking, skiing etc.) I will share some on the blog. I can't tell you everything at once, because then there is no reason to keep reading. :) The whole reason I am starting this blog is because I need a new leg and there will be fundraisers going on to earn enough money for a new leg. I wanted to let you the reader have a chance to get to know me better and let you be apart of the leg making processes from the first casting to the first fitting to learning to walk with the new leg and more!

Currently I am going to school at Utah State University. I am getting my bachelors in Family Consumer Human Development. (FCHD) With this degree I want to help families be stronger. I would love to teach parenting and development classes in the community also work with individual families one on one to help their strengths in parenting grow and grow. I will be done next spring 2013! A new leg will help because I will be able to stand and walk comfortably and be able to have a steady leg to walk while holding kids and books etc. 

Some of my other goals or dreams or realities to be are:

  • To be a wife and mother
  • To help other people get new prosthetic legs (give back what I have been given)
    • With extra money earned it will go to future repairs and new legs for others
  • Be someone that those who need a little push back on their feet can come
  • Travel everywhere in the USA and outside.
Starting now I am selling wrist bands. The rubber kind; the ones I have are yellow and the say "Determined, Fearless and Courageous" Good words to live by. I am selling them for $5 each. Here is the email to contact me and let me know if and how many you want to buy. legupforlife@gmail.com I will post a picture of one.

I hope enjoy this blog!