Leg Up For Life

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear reader,
We are doing a Mustache Bash in Logan Friday. Tomorrow April 27th at 8pm at Pinnacle Security and a yard sale Saturday in Ogden at Veo Clinic. 1069 Stewart Dr. (off of 12th) from  8-12.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am going to tell you about my family. There are 7 people in my family almost 8! My Dad (Eric) Mom (Terri) have been married for 25 years. Mom has mostly stayed home with us kids. Currently dad sells insurance. I am the oldest out of the bunch. The next one is Chad, he is a mechanic and his wife Danielle is excepting their first in October. Justen is on a LDS mission in St. Louis Missouri. Kayla is the the youngest and she is graduating this year and starting college in the fall. We have so much fun with each other. We are always laughing and talking to each other about ideas and whats on the news and religion  etc. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As a family we pray together everyday. Praying together has some of the sweetest memories. Some of the times something would happen right before prayer like a bodily sound or someone getting hurt or just something funny. One time we were all laughing super hard. I don't remember what happened, I do remember that Justen was laughing so hard that drool was coming out of mouth and it made us laugh harder and he laughed harder. Sometimes when we would all be calmed down and ready to pray it would all start again. I am sure some of you have experienced this. There where times when the most tender feelings shared by our family would be express when praying for help or strength or giving thanks for whoever or whatever was happening at the time. As a child I love to hear my parents pray for my siblings and I by name and asking or giving thanks to Heavenly Father for us and our specific needs. 
Together we enjoy camping and playing games together and Sunday dinners together at grandma and grandpas house. We have a family reunion on my mom's side with her siblings and there kids. This is one of our favorite times in the year. There are 37 grandkids (not including spouses) and 11 great-grand-kids! We have lots of noise and crying and laughing and messes and we love it!  We love each other so much and we have so much fun together. Family is so important.   


I added some pictures they are at the bottom.

The Knee and what it will do.

You might have been thinking that the leg in the picture was the one that we were going to get. Surprise it is not. It was a idea of what kind of leg that I was going to get. My friends Cherokee and Gina went with me to see Patrick. We were there for a while and we talked about what kind of knee would be best for my life style. I was thought it was going to to be hard to be heard by Patrick when I was telling him what I wanted in a leg. I was so wrong! He listened and got to know me and what kind of life style I live and want to live.  It was so great. I feel like a whole new world is going to be opened up with a new leg. I am getting a knee called the "Plie 2.0" Sound fancy huh? Because it is. Patrick explained to me that this knee will give the stability that I am looking for and that I will be able to dance with it and go camping. He told me that this one wont get fried with water getting on it. (I cant swim with it on) If I get caught in the rain or spill a drink on it it will be ok.  Over the weekend I looked on you tube and there was videos with the leg. People were running, walking smooth, and doing the samba! I am totally going to Zumba instead of samba. Well why not both. As I was walking don't the stairs with my roommate Carolynn she said to me "I can't wait until we can race down the stairs." Me too. 

Back to the Doctors; we also talked about what kind of socket for the top. This is where my stump goes inside like a cast. I am going to try a softer socket. I am not remembering what he called it.  Right now I have a hard one.  It eats at my pants when I am sitting in hard chairs (because the fabric is stuck in between the hard socket and chair) and it doesn't look good you can see were the top of my leg is  (no nice curves), also when I am sitting I sit with one hip higher then the other because it doesn't give. The new one is so much better. Patrick was telling me that I will be able to sit level, save my pants and it will look better. Meaning my curves on my right leg will be curves not harsh lines! Yeah baby! There are two benefits to the socket I have know. One, it sticks out so far that I have a little seat to hold babies. If the babies have diapers still it works better. If they don't they look at my confused as to why it feels weird. haha they pull the funnest faces! Also laundry baskets fit nicely right there. I guess I will have to get stronger arms instead of my little shelf. 

Another part of the leg I am thinking about is what kind of foot. I have on right know that can move up and down to wear heals. I don't wear them often because I feel so unstable. I told Patrick that maybe I don't what to have that kind again. But... this weekend I watched two movies on youtube with ladies with that foot and the same knee and know I am rethinking that... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Plie 2.0!!!

I met with the the leg maker today. His name is Patrick. We talked about the different legs out there and this one "Plie 2.0" is what we are going to try out!

Monday, April 16, 2012

For lunch my Dad and I went to Firehouse pizza. Dad has clients up here in Logan and so when he is here we go to lunch. One of my favorite times. In fact one time I had had one of those weeks and Dad called and said lets go to lunch. Then I cried because that was what I was in need of. Daddy time. I always feel like a royalty when I am with my Dad. Every girl needs to have a guy in their life that treats them like royalty. Dad doesn't give me "things" he gives my love and respect and kindness. To me that is giving me the world.

Tonight Firehouse is doing a fundraiser. They handed out coupons that say 15% of what you buy goes to Kristie's leg up for life fund. I had one and so Dad and I went there and Dad handed the waiter the coupon and told him that I am "The Kristie". The waiter/assistant manger was really excited to meet me and he went and got the owners and we met them and then my Bishop was there and so we talked to him and my Dad met him and then two of my friends were there also. It was really neat to see the people who are so kind and willing to help out. They offered to do it again. I have the feeling that this is going to be bigger than me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We have about $8000 that has been turned in from the bands! There is about 1000+ bands left.

I have a a cousin Hollie and she is nine. She called my mom today and told her that she is going to sell some of her toys for my leg. And she might even sell some clothes and shoes and have Hailee (our other cousin who is eight) help too. My mom told her how much we need and she said "don't worry, don't worry I will help!" This put tears in my eyes and I learned another lesson about becoming childlike and getting closer to my Savior Jesus Christ.
This week has been so nice and warm! I got home Monday and my stump (my little leg, or what is there of my leg) was really sweaty. I remembered this story from high school that I thought would be really funny to share. I was in marching band in high school I played the flute and the piccolo. We were marching in the Centerville parade and it was hot. Naturally it was summer time. I felt my leg start to slip off because of how sweaty it was. SICK!!! There is no ventilation my fake leg. NONE. I dropped out of line and went to the side and took my leg off really fast dumped the sweat out and patted my stump dry and put my leg back on and hopped on my woodwind teachers back and she ran me back to my place. When I looked up to go get back in line their where lots of families watching. I wonder what they said to their kids. One day I hope I meet someone that saw that.    

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Well it has been way too long to not have posted. First of all there are two events coming up and I need your help to spread the word. On the 27th of April there is going to be a dance up here in Logan. It will be at Pinnacle Security and cost two dollars to get in. That is all  I know right now. More to come Thursday. Then on the 28th from 7:30am-12 noon I think I have talked about the yard sale going on in Ogden. This is so incredible to see what the Lord is putting together with the talents that he has inspired people to use!

Ok so a story. I was thinking I would tell you about my brother Chad. He is the sibling just younger than me. Chad is such a hard worker and one of the best gentlemen ever. My friend an I were talking and she said that her little brother has set her bar of what kind of guy she will date really high. The same goes for my brothers. Well Chad has always "had my back" when we were little early elementary school and we where in the McDonalds' play place at a time when my leg didn't bend. So picture trying to climb in those tubes with a stiff leg. It is possible but a slow process. As we were climbing there where some big mean boys behind us saying things like "why is it so slow" and "can't you go any faster" etc. I started to cry and Chad turned around to those big mean boys and told them that I couldn't go faster because I have a fake leg. I went off into another tube and cried and Chad came and hugged me and after a little bit we went to Mom. Isn't he great. When I was leaving on my mission Chad asked me who was going to "have my back" because he wasn't going to be there. I told him that the three Nephities could do a good job.    

Monday, April 2, 2012

Yeah It Worked

Ok Paypal is up and going! So what I am thinking is if you are far away and want a wrist band then put the money in paypal and the I will send you a band. Send me an email with your address so I know where to send it. legupforlife@gmail.com Thank You!