Leg Up For Life

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Well it has been way too long to not have posted. First of all there are two events coming up and I need your help to spread the word. On the 27th of April there is going to be a dance up here in Logan. It will be at Pinnacle Security and cost two dollars to get in. That is all  I know right now. More to come Thursday. Then on the 28th from 7:30am-12 noon I think I have talked about the yard sale going on in Ogden. This is so incredible to see what the Lord is putting together with the talents that he has inspired people to use!

Ok so a story. I was thinking I would tell you about my brother Chad. He is the sibling just younger than me. Chad is such a hard worker and one of the best gentlemen ever. My friend an I were talking and she said that her little brother has set her bar of what kind of guy she will date really high. The same goes for my brothers. Well Chad has always "had my back" when we were little early elementary school and we where in the McDonalds' play place at a time when my leg didn't bend. So picture trying to climb in those tubes with a stiff leg. It is possible but a slow process. As we were climbing there where some big mean boys behind us saying things like "why is it so slow" and "can't you go any faster" etc. I started to cry and Chad turned around to those big mean boys and told them that I couldn't go faster because I have a fake leg. I went off into another tube and cried and Chad came and hugged me and after a little bit we went to Mom. Isn't he great. When I was leaving on my mission Chad asked me who was going to "have my back" because he wasn't going to be there. I told him that the three Nephities could do a good job.    

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