Leg Up For Life

Monday, April 16, 2012

For lunch my Dad and I went to Firehouse pizza. Dad has clients up here in Logan and so when he is here we go to lunch. One of my favorite times. In fact one time I had had one of those weeks and Dad called and said lets go to lunch. Then I cried because that was what I was in need of. Daddy time. I always feel like a royalty when I am with my Dad. Every girl needs to have a guy in their life that treats them like royalty. Dad doesn't give me "things" he gives my love and respect and kindness. To me that is giving me the world.

Tonight Firehouse is doing a fundraiser. They handed out coupons that say 15% of what you buy goes to Kristie's leg up for life fund. I had one and so Dad and I went there and Dad handed the waiter the coupon and told him that I am "The Kristie". The waiter/assistant manger was really excited to meet me and he went and got the owners and we met them and then my Bishop was there and so we talked to him and my Dad met him and then two of my friends were there also. It was really neat to see the people who are so kind and willing to help out. They offered to do it again. I have the feeling that this is going to be bigger than me.

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