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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Knee and what it will do.

You might have been thinking that the leg in the picture was the one that we were going to get. Surprise it is not. It was a idea of what kind of leg that I was going to get. My friends Cherokee and Gina went with me to see Patrick. We were there for a while and we talked about what kind of knee would be best for my life style. I was thought it was going to to be hard to be heard by Patrick when I was telling him what I wanted in a leg. I was so wrong! He listened and got to know me and what kind of life style I live and want to live.  It was so great. I feel like a whole new world is going to be opened up with a new leg. I am getting a knee called the "Plie 2.0" Sound fancy huh? Because it is. Patrick explained to me that this knee will give the stability that I am looking for and that I will be able to dance with it and go camping. He told me that this one wont get fried with water getting on it. (I cant swim with it on) If I get caught in the rain or spill a drink on it it will be ok.  Over the weekend I looked on you tube and there was videos with the leg. People were running, walking smooth, and doing the samba! I am totally going to Zumba instead of samba. Well why not both. As I was walking don't the stairs with my roommate Carolynn she said to me "I can't wait until we can race down the stairs." Me too. 

Back to the Doctors; we also talked about what kind of socket for the top. This is where my stump goes inside like a cast. I am going to try a softer socket. I am not remembering what he called it.  Right now I have a hard one.  It eats at my pants when I am sitting in hard chairs (because the fabric is stuck in between the hard socket and chair) and it doesn't look good you can see were the top of my leg is  (no nice curves), also when I am sitting I sit with one hip higher then the other because it doesn't give. The new one is so much better. Patrick was telling me that I will be able to sit level, save my pants and it will look better. Meaning my curves on my right leg will be curves not harsh lines! Yeah baby! There are two benefits to the socket I have know. One, it sticks out so far that I have a little seat to hold babies. If the babies have diapers still it works better. If they don't they look at my confused as to why it feels weird. haha they pull the funnest faces! Also laundry baskets fit nicely right there. I guess I will have to get stronger arms instead of my little shelf. 

Another part of the leg I am thinking about is what kind of foot. I have on right know that can move up and down to wear heals. I don't wear them often because I feel so unstable. I told Patrick that maybe I don't what to have that kind again. But... this weekend I watched two movies on youtube with ladies with that foot and the same knee and know I am rethinking that... 

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