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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hole in One!

I thought I would share a story. Sorry it is not a golf story. It is a "hole in of my legs story"  When I was little my leg had a hole in the front and back because my leg was bent at the little knee I had. My little brother Justen stuck his foot in the leg and got it stuck! Yep his foot stuck in his sisters leg!! When he couldn't get it out he called for mom and when mom couldn't get it out she was thinking what in the world will she say if she needs to call 911. "um hello.. my son's foot is stuck in my daughters leg..." HAHAHA what you would think if you were taking that call?  Luckily Justen's foot came out. Imagine that story for Dad when he got home that night. haha oh man! I bet dad's hear lots of great story's when they get home.

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