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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Children

I love talking to little kids about my leg. A few weeks ago I was working at the What Women want expo and I was in a skirt. Three little kids, ages 5,4,3 came over and asked me all kinds of questions."Does it hurt?" "Can you run?" "How can you take a bath?" "Can you jump" "How does it stay on?" "How does it work?" As fast as I answered they had another question. The Mom and Aunt of these kids let them ask away. It was so great. I Jumped and walked and showed them the belt that holds it on. They were soaking it all in. The best part was when the turned to my friend Zach who is in the Arm Forces and he was in his uniform and the little boy looked up at him and asked "have you ever killed anyone?" Zach was taken by surprise. He did a very good job explaining that is not the only thing they do. I love little children they want to learn. To answer their questions: Does it hurt? sometimes, Can you run? no yet I need to learn, How can you take a bath? I take my leg off like a shoe than take a bath, How does it stay on? I have a strap, How does it work? kind of like a robot.

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